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” While one of the efforts is to provide a new opportunity for deportees, it will also provide social, economic, housing and education benefits to the local disadvantaged communities in Tecoman and Armeria in Colima. Therefore the aim is to help the those who cannot afford the basic necessities of life and education. To this end, the Centeno Foundation in this “mycolima” project will seek donations from those who have the means, local Colima citizens, local Tecoman government, Colima state government and Mexico Federal Government. ”


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Fees and Costs

Cost of program is $200.00 US per person, per week. It includes: airport pick up, local transportation, room (rustic) board (economic) and first aid medical assistance. The program consists of clearing the land for construction of a building which will be the headquarters of CPS Inc. Thereafter, there will be home building and organic farming programs and the organization of a commune for the deportees coming from the USA being deported to Mexico. A typical work-day would start early morning from 8am to noon, followed by a trip to the beach for surfing, and or an occasional night life in Manzanillo (jet-set quality).There will be access to phone, fax and the internet.