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Business Agreements Lacking Right Associates Crossword Clue

Answer: NAIROBI (i.e. “city”). The solution is IBERIAN (i.e. “Spanish,” including Portuguese) with E (a recognized acronym for “energy”) replaced by “for”O (chemical symbol of “oxygen”), and then vice versa (indicated by “increased” – it`s a top-down note), such as: IB (E) RIAN `> IB (O)RIAN `> NAIR (O)BI. While it`s tiring that this is the fourth time this year that NAIROBI has been used as a solution, it`s by far the most creative index I`ve seen. Very well done. Answer: NIRVANA (i.e. “heaven,” perhaps more than a state of happiness than a piece of super-co-legal real estate). The solution is reversed (indicated by “recall”) followed by RV (i.e.

“Bible,” especially the revised version) and ANA (i.e. “stories” or anecdotes), such as: NI-RV-ANA. Well done. That`s probably my favorite opinion. You read, you listen, you open, you do crossword puzzles… and you`re getting better at doing crossword puzzles, even if you`re an old dodge. (See my previous article, below… 😜). It`s a bit crazy, yes, but it happens… 🙂. Answer: SCARLET PIMPERNEL (i.e. “flower”).

The rest of the clue refers to Baroness Orczy`s play and novel The Scarlet Pimpernel, in which the hero of the same name would save Aristos, destined for the guillotine, while making him live like a nobleman. “We`re looking for him here! We`ll look for him there! They weren`t tough enough when he made an appearance here a few months ago. Answer: BUFFER STATE (i.e. “neutral zone” or country between two states that intersect against each other. The solution is ERST (i.e.) and ATE (i.e. “swallowed”) the two placed after or “by” BUFF (i.e. “polish” – ignore deceptive capitalization), such as: BUFF -(PREMIER-ATE). “Old” appears unnecessarily in the note, because neither BUFFER STATE nor ERST are labeled as archaic terms in the dictionary. EDIT: Hat-Tip zu burleypab in comments for typing error correction. I had accidentally written BUFF (ESRT-ATE) – LP response: A BEAR OF VERY LITTLE BRAIN.

The solution is an anagram of BY INTERVERTEBRAL I and A LOAF. The anagram indicator could be “harassed” or “it`s bad.” The solution is an allusion to Winnie The Pooh, who asks me if “poor” should be in the word “pooh.” I`ve never been a big fan of Winnie the Pooh, so I can`t tell if the Setter is smart. It seems that the indication of what happens when you shake your dictionary is so hard that the words fall. [EDIT: Thanks to Sue in the comments for clarifying this.