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Chabahar Agreement Between India And Iran

The bilateral agreement between India and Iran gives India the right to develop two berths at the port of Chabahar, as agreed in 2015, and allows them to be operated for 10 years by India Ports Global, a joint venture between Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust and Kandla Port Trust, in partnership with Iran`s Aria Banader. [48] India Ports Global has guaranteed the handling of 30,000 TEUs until the third year of operation and aims to finally liquidate 250,000 TEUs. [49] April 18, 2016 – Chabahar Agreement. India, Afghanistan and Iran enter into a trilateral agreement for the development of Chabahar as a regional shopping centre. India is committed to supplying steel for a railway linking Chabahar to the border towns of Zahedan and Mr. Mchhad. However, in 2016, a retired Pakistani military officer called cooperation between India, Iran and Afghanistan a “threat to Pakistan`s security,” which has “harmful and far-reaching consequences” for the region. He also deplored the rise of the country`s “isolationism” and blamed the “inaction” of the Foreign Ministry of Nawaz Sharif`s government. [88] Dubai`s nautical miles are 353 nautical miles (654 kilometers; 406 miles), Karachi, Pakistan 456 nmi (845 km; 525 mi), and Mumbai, India, is 843 nmi (1,560 km; 970 mi). [16] Pakistan`s deep-water port of Gwadar, funded by China, is also located on the Makran coast, just 76 nautical miles away. Gwadar also claims to offer access to Central Asia, and comparisons between the two ports are often made by analysts. [18] [19] [20] But India`s interest in Chabahar was also geopolitical.

Delhi has watched with concern Beijing and Islamabad deepen their relations with common political and economic interests. As part of its Belt and Road initiative, China has invested $62 billion in Pakistan; Significant resources have been devoted to the development of the port city of Gwadar in the Gulf of Oman. Gwadar provided the link between land routes and China`s ocean trade routes. In February 2013, a Chinese state-based company took operational control of the port of Gwadar. In 2018, it is estimated that one million tonnes of freight pass through Gwadar each year. “The question of whether this 25-year treaty with China, which is currently only a political agreement, will one day be operational remains open,” he said. “There may be opportunities for India.” “The Chabahar agreement will expand trade, attract investment, build infrastructure and create jobs for our youth,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Chronic instability in Afghanistan could limit Chabahar`s benefits as a channel for Afghanistan and Central Asia. [89] Road networks between Chabahar and Afghanistan depend on connections to the Afghan ring road. [90] In August 2016, insurgents from the Afghan Taliban militant group forced the closure of the ring road between Kandahar and Helmand province.