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Collective Bargaining Agreement with O.p.e.i.u. Local 6

Thanks to OPEIU Local 6, your local, you have a unique opportunity: OPEIU is a very diverse group in the United States and Canada with members in both the public and private sectors of both economies. Public sector members of opEIU Local 6 include the Massachusetts Magistrates` Court, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) office staff, the Boston Water and Sewer Commission, the secretaries of Wareham, and many cities such as the City of Plymouth. Representation in the private sector is also important. Our private sector groups include Fallon Ambulance, Rutland Regional Medical Center, August A. Busch and many more. Members of OPEIU Local 6 work in sectors as diverse as banks and credit unions, hospitals and healthcare organizations, manufacturing, paper companies and many others. They hold positions ranging from secretaries, nurses, paramedics and paramedics, wheelchair drivers, bank employees, administrative assistants, technicians, lawyers, clinical social workers, engineers and more. OPEIU Local 6 is committed to ensuring, on your behalf, that agreed salary increases are respected and implemented without undue delay. With OPEIU Local 6, you decide what you want to ask for in your contract. You choose a collective bargaining committee to bargain on your behalf. These committee members are assisted by professional negotiators. Members of OPEIU Local 6 voted in favor of the agreement, which was reached with the Court of First Instance for a new three-year agreement from July 1, 2014 to June 17, 2017.

Ratification votes were held statewide in Woburn, Northampton, Westborough and Quincy. Once signed, management cannot change wage rates, benefits or other working conditions without the consent of the collective bargaining unit. and that`s you. OPEIU Local 6, along with other unions across the state, urged lawmakers to pass the supplementary budget as soon as possible. Since the introduction of House Bill 4301 in mid-July, various public sector unions have been in contact with individual executives and legislators. While every effort has been made to pass the bill before the end of the formal legislative session on July 31, the bill remains in the hands of the House Ways and Means Committee. Members who will work under the contract will then have the right to vote on the agreement. The Treaty will not be effective until it is ratified by a vote of your group. As you know, Governor Deval Patrick had the 14th.

A late supplementary budget (House Bill 4301) was introduced in July 2014, which would partially guarantee the ratification of the collective agreement necessary for the conclusion of contracts between OPEIU Local 6, units J6C and J6P and the State Court of First Instance. House Bill 4301, which is needed to ratify more than 35 other union contracts with the state, is currently before the House Ways and Means Committee. Health insurance and other health advice (back to top) If you are protected by an OPEIU Local 6 contract, your rights will be set out in writing and the management is required by law to respect them. . With OPEIU Local 6, management no longer has the final say. The International Union of Office and Professional Employees is an association of clerical, professional and technical staff who work together to improve our work and the lives of our families. As a member of OPEIU, you will participate in the first and largest union in the United States and Canada to defend office, technical and technical technicians. a union that best represents your interests in and out of the workplace. Elected Officials and Legislative Information (Back to top) Welcome to the official website of the Bureau and professional employees of Local 6 of the International Union, AFL-CIO. Your participation is crucial for the future of the organization and your professional. Your contribution is necessary and always welcome.

Despite this, the leaders of the House of Representatives and the House Ways and Means Committee heard the message loud and clear. The Legislative Assembly understands that House Bill 4301 and the ratification of many treaties remain a priority despite the end of formal sessions. OPEIU Local 6 and other unions are now working to pass House Bill 4301 in an informal session. The Trial Court will shortly forward this contract to the Governor for submission to the Legislative Assembly for funding. If you are facing unjustified termination, downgrading, discrimination, harassment or denial of rights or benefits under the Agreement, OPEIU Local 6 is on hand. Patti Pelletier Probation Department (Dedham District Court) The trial court will pay the final payment of the three retroactives to all active employees this month. Without a union, management can catch up on personnel policies and implement them as it sees fit. While the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed the wording today, the Massachusetts Senate was unable to take up the matter because it had already adjourned for the day.

The Massachusetts Senate is expected to pass the supplementary estimates soon. In the meantime, OPEIU would like to thank Spokesperson Robert DeLeo and House Ways and Means President Brian Dempsey, as well as Minority Leader Brad Jones, for their efforts on this issue. Union Plus Benefits and Member Discounts (back to top) Negotiation Update: Negotiations will begin on Thursday, April 24, 2014. We are pleased to announce that the following members have been selected to serve on the Trial Court Bargaining Committee: While a single objection from a representative or senator may delay the progress of House Bill 4301 in the legislative process, a similar law has already been passed during an informal session. To this end, OPEIU Local 6 can ask for your help in advocating for the speedy passage of House Bill 4301 in the coming weeks. Please keep an eye out for calls to action and updates as we progress. Please note that this refund will be lower due to compensation from previous years. Massachusetts District Court Documents (Back to top) This website is another way Local 6 reaches its members. OPEIU Local 6 is made up of approximately 4500 members from the public and private sectors.

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