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Engineers Australia Reciprocal Agreement

The International Engineering Technologist Agreement was signed in 2003 by participating economies/countries. The parties agreed to begin the implementation of a system of mutual recognition of engineering technologies. Learn how to use your existing professional skills to register with MICE and Engineering Council through our mutual recognition agreements. These are international agreements between two engineering offices that allow members of the other to access the corresponding rank in a more streamlined manner. Hong Kong Institution of Engineers has established close links with engineering agencies and agencies around the world. It has signed agreements with numerous engineering institutions and agencies for mutual recognition of professional and technological qualifications. This includes: For more information on how to use the MRA Chartered Trail, please see: Chartered Professional Engineers Australia will be automatically included in the APEC Engineer Registry as soon as they meet the following criteria: EA`s relationship with developing countries (particularly due to our location in the Asia-Pacific region) has enabled us to return something to the profession by helping these countries become signatories. If more countries participate in these agreements, our members will ultimately offer greater mobility opportunities, which is a significant benefit to members. Applicants from countries that have not signed a mutual agreement with Australia must undergo a detailed assessment of their qualifications and establish a “Competition Demonstration Report (CDR)”. In some cases, the agreements cover more than one rank and one occupational category.

The APEC Engineer Registry allows professional engineers in the APEC region to benefit from cross-border mobility and thus recognize important engineering standards in these countries. Please contact the Engineering Council directly if you are interested in registering professionally with Ordem dos Engenheiros or the Idaho Board of Licensure of Professional Engineers by providing your registration data and indicating the agreement you wish to use.