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Equity Collective Agreements

When analyzing your collective agreement, consider whether it includes: DGT. Collective bargaining in 2009. Dares-DGT report. Santoro, G. 2016. Reflections on the effectiveness of collective bargaining law on gender equality. Social law 1: 49-57. Wage agreements can only be accepted by employment services if they are accompanied by a report certifying that the employer has engaged in serious and fair negotiations on reducing pay gaps (Article L. 2242-7 of the Labour Code). Members or their representatives and lawyers may negotiate individual terms of employment as long as these conditions are not covered by the minimum requirements of Equity`s current collective agreement. The Legislation does not provide an obligation for ongoing pay equity negotiations or for parties to have a specific system for managing pay equity issues.

Some employers and unions discuss pay equity during collective bargaining; Some of them aren`t. Some employers and unions are negotiating conditions under which they will address pay equity issues; Others do not have a trial. Unions and employers must ensure that changes or agreements made in collective bargaining do not have a negative effect on pay equity. Employers are required to disclose sufficient information so that the union can properly represent its employees. The Tribunal ordered that any information relating to the implementation or maintenance of pay equity be communicated to the negotiator. Although the law does not explicitly state what information is needed or when the information should be disclosed as part of the negotiation process, the court decided that the requested information should be relevant or related to pay equity. In addition, both parties are entitled to sufficient information, which may contain information on jobs outside the Ontario Public Service Employees Unionv rate unit. Cybermedix Health Services Ltd., 1989 CanLII 1459 (ON PEHT) and Oakwood Retirement Communities Inc. vs. S.E.I.U.

Local 1 Canada, 2010 CanLII 76245 (ON PEHT). The Tribunal found that the defence of bargaining power could not be increased to explain the wage differences until the employer achieved pay equity for all workers in its establishment. York Region Board of Education v. CUPE, Local 1734, 1995 CanLII 7202 (ON PEHT) Collective agreements set out the terms and conditions of employment of unionized workers as well as the rights, privileges and obligations of the union, employer and workers. Studies of the Roudy Act and other employment policies have identified the highly “symbolic” imperative of these reforms. That is, governments on the right and left have adopted a series of laws and policies that have been implemented through collective bargaining and industrial relations at the toothless enterprise level; As a result, few actors are mobilizing around them and gender inequalities persist (for example. B mazur 1995; Laufer 2018). Share contracts for individual members generally cover positions in three categories: Principal, Chorus and Stage Manager. The main contract is used for all the main actors and most of the stage directors. The choir contract is used for actors who mainly do choral work. Each employment contract is referred to a specific collective agreement and contains all its conditions. Restructuring the labour market – increasingly precarious employment, privatization, negotiations and competitive wage negotiations across national borders – could be accompanied by a reduction in companies` obligations for action initiatives: “Equity and equity of employment depend on a kind of security and stability that is rapidly disrupted in many jobs” (Wajcman 1998: 162).