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Fs Collective Agreement Sick Leave

56.11.6 Under the FSD 46 – Leave Post option, in lieu of the postal allowance, a worker may decide to take a postal leave at any time after the postal payment begins by advising his FSD administrator in writing two months before the desired change date. Employees cannot change their choice more than once a year. 15.9.1 Moving leave is granted to a worker on the basis of the travel time provided for the air travel by the official itinerary, unless: 44.1.3 When a worker works in more than one place in a calendar year, the Assistant Director continues to adjust the planned leave for that worker to ensure that the same number of specific leave is granted to that worker for the calendar year. , as in a collective agreement or other appropriate authority for service in Canada. 3.2.4 If an agreement is reached, a written agreement must be reached. The agreement must be signed by the worker, the employee`s negotiator, when the worker is represented, the representative of the department and the staff representative of the secretariat of the Ministry of Finance. 50.5.1 When the worker moves in accordance with point 50.1.1 of this directive, there is no minimum number of days of compensation that must be on leave with a salary. 3.8.1 When a worker is on leave during the repayment period of a secondment loan without being paid, the worker must repay the loan in paragraph 10.8.4 (b). 15.23.9 If an extension of time in the emergency accommodations of the former duty station is permitted due to exceptional operational requirements (e.g. B delay in the Heads of Mission Agreement), unforeseen program requirements that arise after a staff member has made normal arrangements to evacuate permanent dwellings requiring a delay in departure, or the requirement to evacuate the crown`s dwelling to facilitate the reshuffle. – renovations, repairs or other operational requirements) the days spent in temporary accommodation before the departure of the former duty station, on the instruction of the assistant director, with the exception of the days normally allowed for the packaging and removal of personal and domestic items, are not charged on the maximum allowed of the worker.

It should be noted that a number of collective agreements contain clauses that comply with the application of the Service for External Action guidelines. There is unlikely to be a conflict between the directives and the various agreements. However, in the event of an apparent conflict, the Service for External Action guidelines generally apply, unless the agreement expressly provides that the agreement suspends the directives relating to the service for external action. If in doubt, employers and workers` representatives agreed to discuss the issue before reaching a final conclusion.