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Partnership Assignment Agreement

If few or more people or companies work on a company to share the profits, we know that it is a partnership. In the absence of this document, neither the old nor the new partner have a legal obligation to honour its promises to buy or sell shares in the company. The transfer may also determine whether the new partner has the right to participate in the operation, finance or management of the company. For example, a full partner generally has the right to inspect books, take ownership of the company and make decisions with other partners. Otherwise, the new partner will only have the right to obtain a share of the profits and possible distributions if the partnership ends. Some partnership agreements have a right of pre-emption, so that the original partners have the right to acquire the shares in front of an external party. This sale (the “sale”) takes place on January 1, 2006, between real Estate Associates Limited III, a California limited partnership of its national partner Partnership Investments Corp., with 6100 Center Drive, Suite 800, Los Angeles, California 90045 (“Assignor”), at Broadway Limited Partner, LLC, a limited liability company in Iceland Rhode, at 475 Kilvert, Kraft Street. , Warwick, Rhode Island 02886 (“Assignee”), referring to the following: most partnership agreements only allow the transfer of the partner`s interest in the company, so that the new partner can only obtain the former partner`s share of money, but is not allowed to participate in operations or finances. 22. This assignment includes the entire agreement between the parties. All negotiations and agreements were included in this transfer.

Statements or assurances made by a party to this assignment during the negotiation phases of this assignment may, in some way, be inconsistent with this final written assignment. All of these statements are declared worthless in this assignment. Only the written terms of this assignment bind the parties. The estate of “Joseph P Wagnon” and a partnership collaborator,ABC, Inc. Sandra S Childress completes the transfer of all rights and interests to Joseph P Wagnon.