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Sas Master License Agreement

The sas® customized support program is an optional upgrade to the standard technical support provided as part of the customer`s Master License Agreement (MLA). The customer can acquire personalized support for SAS acquisitions® software that is authorized by the customer under the GWG. Bespoke support agreements are tailored to the specific needs of customers who cannot be met by EITHER SAS Premium Support programs or SAS Elite Support programs. By publishing your content, you guarantee and ensure that you own or control all rights to that content, including, but not exclusively, all rights necessary to make content available, publish, download, enter or transmit content, or that your content usage is protected and that the content is not confidential. If you use the online communication channels on behalf of your employer, you declare and guarantee that you are entitled to accept these terms and conditions on behalf of your employer and that your employer agrees to compensate you and SAS in the event of a breach of these Terms and Conditions. By publishing your content, you also declare and guarantee that you have verified and that you are in compliance with all applicable guidelines from your employer and/or the entity or individual who owns or controls the content you post. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your messages do not reveal confidential and/or proprietary information, including information covered by a confidentiality agreement, that you cannot disclose. SAS warns you not to disclose personal data about yourself or your children, such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, etc. SAS reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to edit, publish or not publish your content. Welcome to the SAS Institute Inc. (“SAS” website.

Access and use of this website and the information contained in this website are subject to the following terms and conditions (“CGV”). Please read this information carefully. Your use of this Site, including the services provided on this site, means your consent to follow and be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Any SAS computer software that can be downloaded from this site or that is available on this website, unless otherwise stated, is allowed subject to the written license agreement between you and SAS or the Click-on license that you accept at the time of download or use. Software subject to one of these licenses is subject only to the terms of the associated license agreement, unless expressly stated otherwise. However, in the absence of a written license or click-on license, your use of SAS software is subject to the following conditions: 1) You cannot use, reproduce, register, publish or distribute software made available on this site without the express written permission of SAS. and 4) unless expressly granted elsewhere, SAS and its licensees reserve all rights, titles and interests on and in relation to this software. This section does not apply to third-party materials available on this site. In addition to access to a TSAM, customers can purchase additional services as part of their SAS personalized support agreement. The specific availability of services may vary from country to country.