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Cafe Coffee Day Franchise Agreement

A survey was conducted and it was found that most young people spend the most time in CCD cafes. In addition, each young person who visits CCD spends an average of 45 minutes per day. Because of the considerable time spent by young people, CCD offers the opportunity to advertise effectively through modern methods, including campaigns and not traditional advertising methods. That`s what you can`t afford to miss, log in now to become a franchisee! C. You have requested that we grant you a franchise to own and operate a store on the identified site or to be identified in this Agreement. We have agreed to grant you the deductible if you rely on the information you provided to us in your application and on the basis of your store operating agreement in accordance with this agreement. Today`s coffee day (CCD) is one of the most popular coffee shops in India. Also, this is one of the best hang out a place among young, couple, and officials for a meeting. Due to the wide variety of coffee and high in the taste of this drink among Indians, many businessmen make their future bright by making some good investments and earning by Cafe Coffee Day`s `Coffee Day franchise/Outlets`.

B. We have developed a franchise program for the Barnie`s system and grant franchises (the “franchise”) to certain people qualified to develop, own and operate Barnie`s Coffee and Tea Shops (the “Store”) in accordance with the requirements of the Barnie system and on certain sites we approve (the “site”). Regions of Operations – From 2018, Cafe Coffee Day will be operational in more than 200 cities in India with more than 1,800 coffee shops. In addition to branches in India, CCD has expanded its reach to other countries such as Vienna, the Czech Republic, Egypt and Nepal. Total investment in X Cafe franchise Rs.10,00,000 (d) pay us, after the implementation of the agreement described in the clause (e) below, an annual fee equal to half of the initial deductible tax that we then charge to new franchisees entering the Barnie`s system for the first time (if we do not offer deductibles for stores, the annual fee is half of the original deductible fee under the last franchise program under which we proposed franchises for blinds); 12.1.