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Law Clerk Confidentiality Agreement

The signing, below, means that the staff member accepts the terms of the above agreement. 11. All payments for Lawclerk services are made at Subject to Rule 1.5 (a) that “lawyer`s fees are reasonable,” a lawyer may add a surcharge on the amounts paid to a contract lawyer, depending on the settlement model, when the services of the contract lawyer are billed as legal services. This applies whether or not the use and role of the contract lawyer is disclosed to the client. In this case, adding an increase does not require disclosure to the customer, even if a notice of a Rule 1.5 (b) fee is required. When the costs associated with the contract advisor`s services are charged, they should not exceed the actual costs incurred, plus the costs directly related to the provision of services, unless there is a specific agreement with the client. 7. I will not ask Lawclerk to sign or file documents with a court or administrative authority.

6. I will not ask or compel the author of the law to otherwise disseminate or disseminate the author`s work proceeds or other documents to anyone other than me. A lawyer may use non-lawyers outside the registry to assist the lawyer in providing legal services to the client. For example, the retention of an investigative or paraprofessional service, the shutdown of a document management company to create and manage a database for complex disputes, sending client documents to third parties for printing or digitization, and using an internet service to store customer information. When using these services outside the registry, a lawyer must make reasonable efforts to ensure that services are provided in a manner consistent with the lawyer`s professional obligations. The extent of this obligation depends on the circumstances, including the training, experience and reputation of the non-lawyer; The nature of the services involved; The conditions for all agreements relating to the protection of customer information; and the legal and ethical framework of the legal systems in which services are provided, including confidentiality. See also Rules 1.1 (competence), 1.2 (assignment of powers), 1.4 (communication with the client), 1.6 (confidentiality), 5.4 (a) (professional independence of the lawyer) and 5.5 (a) (unjustified legal practice).