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Mobile Service Agreement Form Globe

You cannot use the service to gain unauthorized access to the computer, system or network. When using the service, you must not break the law or violate the rights of others. The information provided on this website is deemed reliable when published. However, Globe Telecom cannot guarantee that the information is accurate, complete and up-to-date at all times. All information on this site can be changed from time to time without notice. Be sure to check this page every time you access this site. You also agree that you do not use the service as part of another telecommunications service or as a means of promotion, advertising for any campaign for any purpose, whatever its name, which will likely result in a change in the use of the services that goes beyond their daily use of the service and/or may lead to an overload of our network. Read more: violators of the directive are fully responsible for eliminating and correcting innovation costs related to repairing and correcting damage to network operations and operations and response to complaints, including, but not just on labour costs. This work is considered an emergency safety repair violation and Innove reserves the right to change all costs associated with repairing the damage. Security requests can be directed to [email protected] Innove, which is responsible for protecting online communications and websites. In general, the Internet is no more or less secure than other means of communication, including mail, fax and voice telephony, all of which can be intercepted and compromised by other means. As a precaution, Innove merely assumed that all your online communications are not safe and we recommend that you use the following tools, including, but not limited to: High-risk services, which are services that tend to attract denial-of-service attacks, are strictly prohibited. This includes, but not limited to, Internet Relay Chat (“IRC”) related services and the sale of shell accounts.

You agree to use the service only to send and receive personal messages. Unauthorized commercial use of the service or the resale of its services is expressly prohibited. For your plan options, you can choose between ThePLAN with a device with a 24-month contract or ThePLAN Plus, which is a contract-free line plan. You can check these plans in detail under Any direct and indirect breach of up payment by you or by third parties on your behalf may result in the suspension or termination of your account or any other action that Innovate deems appropriate. An unlisted activity may also constitute a violation of UPA when used illegally, irresponsibly or inconveniently. No credit is issued for service interruptions resulting from violations of the directive.