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Nice Agreement Countries

A majority of four-fifths of the countries represented and voting in the Special Union are needed to decide whether to adopt classification changes. “change,” any transfer of goods or services from one class to another or the creation of a new class. The Special Union has an assembly of countries that have ratified or joined. At least three of these countries are special union countries at the time of the signing of this law. Each country of the Special Union reserves the right to use the classification as the main system or as a subsidiary. The amendments and recommendations of the expert committee adopted by the expert committee are communicated by the International Office to the relevant offices of the countries of the Special Union. The changes take effect six months after the notification date. Any other changes come into effect on a date set by the expert committee at the time of the amendment. Subject to the requirements of this agreement, classification is the effect that each country attributes to the Special Union.

In particular, the classification does not involve the countries of the Special Union in assessing the extent of the protection of a given brand, nor for the recognition of service marks. The Director-General invites intergovernmental brands organisations, of which at least one of the Member States is a special Union country, to represent themselves by observers at the expert committee meetings. Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany (Federal Republic of Germany), Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Yugoslavia. (19 countries) contributions from The Special Union countries; The Assembly meets at the request of a quarter of the members of the Assembly for a special session convened by the Director-General. The Director of the United International Bureau for the Protection of Intellectual Property (BIRPI) extends his compliments to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and, in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned international instrument adopted in Stockholm, the honour of informing him that after the expiry of the deadline for this purpose (i.e. 13 January), the following countries have signed. Keywords: Intellectual Property | Latin America | nice deal| beautiful classification system | Brands | Wipo The countries covered by this agreement form a special union and adopt a common classification of products and services for trademark registration (hereafter referred to as “classification”).