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Raymond James Pledge Agreement

“We just didn`t want to write a check, but activate our employees with financial obligations to really make a difference,” Reilly said on Thursday`s conference call. “In addition to our financial commitment, we have therefore released the promise made to the Black community, signed not only by me, but by all members of our Board of Directors, our Corporate Committee and Our Board of Directors, as well as many other employees throughout the company. An important part of this promise is the increase in black diversity throughout the company, which will require considerable effort, which we know will not be achieved overnight, but we are committed to keeping that promise. On June 29, 2011, Raymond James announced a buy-back agreement for nominal value securities sold to clients prior to February 13, 2008 through its national subsidiaries of dealers/dealers. The agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the National Securities Commissions, led by Florida and Texas, resolved more than three years of investigation into the ARS market activities. Without admitting or denying the charges, the company also agreed to pay a fine totalling US$1.75 million to state regulators, but was not sanctioned by the SEC. As a result of this agreement, an up-to-the-way tax expense of $45 million was recorded during the quarter of June 30, 2011. This charge was the result of an estimate of the current fair value of the securities purchased by the company below their face value. The loss ultimately realized should be much lower, as these securities are issued or repaid, that interest rates and/or guarantee values improve. “Based on our continued support of our Black Financial Advisors Network and the company`s promise to the black community, we are very committed to making this resource available to our BFAN consultants and support teams,” baker said. It is said that the company will launch a tutoring initiative and develop resources on topics such as unconscious bias. On you will know more about the concept of asset allocation and how it applies to your portfolio.

For packaged investment products such as investment funds, pensions and 529, Raymond James uses Morningstar ( data to “X-ray” your holdings and allocate them accordingly. Morningstar data is used in conjunction with Raymond James` internal product classifications to show an overview of your exposure to each asset class. Morningstar information is usually provided for products from the latest listings, so Access customers may not display real-time assignments.