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Sign Sales Agreement

Don`t rely on adding a condition to a sales contract to give you an outcome to an agreement if you change your mind about the sale. For example, if a buyer adds a condition that he needs a satisfactory real estate report and the real estate inspector finds a problem, the seller can solve that problem, in which case the buyer must continue the sale. 16.. GOVERNING LAW: This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California. Any action taken by the seller to recover payments or damages is most likely filed in the State of California; However, the seller reserves the right to take legal action in the state where the buyer is located. The buyer agrees that any counter-action is filed in the State of California However, if the buyer believes it is necessary to cancel the order or substantially modify the design of a sign already in the production line (there is no charge for design changes to design proofs prior to the buyer`s production authorization), Art Sign Works may choose to cancel the order and refund the purchaser`s money. , against a cancellation fee. This fee is 10% if the order is cancelled within 2 business days of the order; and 50% if it is cancelled within 10 days. No refunds are made after 10 days. These refunds depend on the production workload, special equipment purchased, etc. and are entirely at the discretion of Art SignWorks, Inc.

9. SIGN DELIVERY. If Art Sign Works is responsible for sending the shield or plate, Art Sign Works assumes full responsibility for the arrival of the sign in good condition without damaging. Art Sign Works carefully wraps all panels in wooden crates and crates with custom packaging materials that surround the shield. If the shipper (UPS or a freight company) damages or loses the sign during transport, Art Sign Works repairs or replaces the sign at no cost to the buyer. Art Sign Works provides all broadcasts. After the sign is delivered to the buyer, the buyer first checks the wooden box or box to determine if an apparent deterioration of the box or box has occurred (for example. B a forklift penetration or discarded box that damages a corner or face). In case of visible damage, photos of the damaged area of the shipping box or cash register must be taken and the box stored for the sender to inspect.