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Class Block Fee Agreement

Can I transfer my class from another classification society? The transfer of class from another classification society is governed by a specific procedure and can be carried out at any time in a few simple steps. We will contact the losing classification society and do our best to make the class transfer as simple as possible, with minimal disruption to the ship and at no additional cost to the shipowner. The Continuous Survey System (CSS), which consists of distributing into individual surveys a volume of survey corresponding to a volume of the special survey on the renewal of the class, applying the entire survey cycle during the period for which the class was assigned or renewed. In 2019, Hero Shipping also signed a contract for KR to provide HMI verification services to the company`s entire fleet. Hero Shipping is one of the first shipping companies in northern Europe to consistently use KR for classification, in addition to a number of other services. A strong partnership has developed and two more ships are being prepared for Transfer of Class to soon join KR`s classified fleet. Press Release: Korean Register (KR) has signed a five-year agreement with German ship management company Held to provide ISO 9001 certification, ISM Company Audit (DOC), ISM Ship Audits (SMC) and ISPS and MLC-Compliance services to the company`s fleet of more than 30 vessels. The costs of collecting ships of a class are usually charged between shipowners and classification societies in so-called block royalty contracts. The classification activities of the registry shall be in accordance with the general provisions on classification and other activities. Classification surveys of ships and offshore installations in service are governed by the rules on the classification of ships in service, the Directives on roadworthiness testing of ships in service, the rules on the survey of inland navigation vessels in establishments (for European inland waterways) and other SR rules depending on the type of ship and the offshore installation. Studies of classification of ships and offshore installations for various purposes are carried out in order to verify their compliance and the compliance of ship cooling devices with the rules of the Russian Maritime Register and normative and technical documents, in order to determine the possibility of allocation, renewal, reallocation, maintenance and confirmation of the register class according to its purpose and the protection of human life at sea.

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