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Supplemental Agreement To Loan Agreement

The second complementary trust instrument will take the form of a draft to be submitted to the Assembly and, subject to the adoption of the extraordinary decision and the registration of the second supplementary loan agreement with the National Bank of Ukraine, it will be concluded on the date of entry into force. The initial loan agreement, as amended by the first supplementary loan agreement and the second supplementary loan agreement, is referred to as the “loan agreement”. This second supplementary credit agreement is binding on each party, its legal successor(s) and subsequent beneficiaries and benefits the latter. The provisions of clause 23 (law and jurisdiction) of the original loan agreement apply to this second supplementary loan agreement, as if it were reproduced accordingly. The second supplementary credit agreement is then submitted for registration to the National Bank of Ukraine, this registration constituting a condition precedent for the entry into force of the second supplementary credit agreement.. . . . . .

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