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Ucla Housing Agreement

After acceptance of the online accommodation offer, the accommodation contract fee is displayed on the student`s BruinBill account. The housing supply indicates the total cost and payments of the room/building supply. Current UAS residents do not have termination appeasement. Instead, you must submit your Notice of Intent to Vacate (NITV) through the Housing Application Portal at least 30 days before the date you wish to evacuate your unit. If you want to evacuate at least 30 days ago, you can certainly do so, but you will still be charged until your NITV date. Due to the high number of students who are guaranteed a place, we cannot change a housing offer before the due date. Once the student has accepted the offer, he/she can submit an assignment request (CAR) change online on MyHousing by choosing the Change of Assignment Request link. The CAR link is only available until 16:00.m on July 23, 2019 at 16:00. Change requests are not guaranteed. CAR authorizations are issued throughout the award process and the student is notified if their application is approved.

If the CAR cannot be processed, the student will be informed before the end of July and will keep the initial offer. Students with a bachelor`s degree contract have specific moving dates and times. Please choose from On Campus Housing or Undergraduate University Apartments for related information on what you will bring, routes, parking lots and useful campus resources. If the student wishes to terminate his/her accommodation contract after acceptance of an accommodation offer and the first payment, a request for termination of the contract may be submitted by email to Ask Housing. All requests to terminate the contract are subject to a termination fee of $400 USD. Requests for termination of the contract must have been received by 4 p.m. on the last business day before the start of the contract.m. Requests for termination of the contract received on or after the contract start date are subject to a recourse procedure and are not accepted in a guaranteed manner. In case of authorization, the corresponding cancellation fee is collected. For more information, consult your housing contract or contact Housing Services at Contract housing for the academic year: Single Grad North (Weyburn Terrace and Hilgard) and Single Grad South (Keystone-Mentone, Rose Avenue and Venice-Barry) grant recipients who plan to use housing payments during the academic year, but who are not able to make monthly payments solely on the basis of the date of these withdrawals (i.e.: if the financial assistance is not paid until after the payment of the dwelling has been due), the offer must be accepted by choosing payment plan A (monthly) and making the first payment. Student Housing Services can then contact via the Ask Housing website ( to explore alternative payment arrangements for the balance of the contract.

Payment for the first housing rate as well as all future housing rates are made to the student`s BruinBill account. Payments with VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express are charged with a 2.75% transaction fee, but students can also choose the free eCheck option to make payments from a bank account. The first instalment must be paid into the student`s BruinBill account until the due date indicated in the accommodation offer. If the first payment is not paid by the due date, the student`s accommodation offer is cancelled.. . .