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Xmlspy License Agreement

Installed user licenses are purchased by many computers on which you want to install the software. (a) License Action. The software includes a built-in license measurement module that helps you monitor license compliance in small local area networks (LANs). The measurement module attempts to communicate with Altova LicenseServer, if used, or with other computers on your local area network (LAN). You authorize Altova to use your internal license monitoring network for this purpose. This license measurement module can be used to support your license compliance, but it doesn`t have to be the only method. If your firewall settings block this communication, you must provide an accurate way to monitor end-user usage and prevent users from using the software for more than the number allowed. (ii) For Excel Add-in Software, the duration of this license grant depends on the number of years you purchase. The duration of the license is delimited in your purchase documents. As mentioned in more detail in section 6, support and maintenance are included in the annual license. Concurrent user and installed user licenses can be bundled on the same Altova LicenseServer, while named user licenses must be used on a separate Altova LicenseServer.

This is because concurrent and installed user licenses are assigned per computer, while named user licenses are assigned per user. (d) Concurrent User. If you have licensed a “Concurrent User” version of the Software, you may only install the Software on compatible computers in your business environment, up to ten times (10) the number of authorized users, provided that only the authorized number of users can use the Software at the same time. The allowed number of concurrent users will be limited at the time you decide to purchase the software licenses. All concurrent user licenses must be used in conjunction with Altova LicenseServer, as further described in Sections 1(e) and 1(f). (d) Claims of Infringement. Altova will indemnify and hold you harmless and defend or settle any claim, action or proceeding brought against you by any third party based on the allegation that the Content contained in the Software infringes any copyright or infringes any intellectual or proprietary right protected by United States or European Union law (“Claim”), but only to the extent that the claim arises directly from the use of the Software and is subject to the restrictions set forth in Section 5 of this Agreement, unless expressly provided otherwise. You must notify Altova in writing of each claim within ten (10) business days of receipt of the initial notice of the claim, and you must provide Altova with such assistance and cooperation as altova may reasonably request from time to time in the defense of the claim free of charge. . . .